You will be surprised who my biggest ‘bikini cookbook’ fan is!

My biggest fan is a 9 year old school boy called Alex and he has been following ‘the bikini cookbooks’ for several years now since his mum introduced them to the household. I have known Alex was my biggest fan for quite some time now and I was fascinated to get inside his head and learn what his 9 year old thoughts were about health and ‘the bikini cookbook’ recipes which make up a big part of his diet. Here are the replies he gave me to my questions, read what HE has to say about ‘the bikini cookbook’ recipes and how they affect his life. 


alex and eggplants

Michelle – Do you think healthy food is important to eat EVERY day?

Alex – Yep, sure, to help your body and stuff.

Michelle – What do you like about ‘the bikini cookbook’ recipes?

Alex – The recipes are REALLY yummy.

Michelle – Have you learnt about any new ingredients since you started using these books?

Alex – Zucchini and broccoli are really yummy in Michelle’s recipes.

Michelle – Do you think since you started to eat ‘bikini cookbook’ recipes it has helped

you to achieve goals in any other areas of your life?

Alex – It helps me to run faster and be healthy.

Michelle – What are your top 3 ‘bikini cookbook’ recipes?

Alex – Zucchini slice, chicken and broccoli soup, veal and basil stir-fry.

Michelle – Has ‘the bikini cookbook’ changed your relationship with food in any way?

Alex – I am willingly to try more foods now than before. I love to try new meals.

Michelle – Do you think your family eats healthier than other families you know?

Alex – Yes. We eat much better

Michelle – Do you prefer to eat healthy bikini cookbook recipes or would you prefer to eat takeaway food if you could?

Alex – I’d DEFINITELY rather eat my fave Michelle recipes. I don’t feel yucky after them.

Michelle – Have you learnt anything about cooking since you have had the bikini cookbooks?

Alex – Some of the same goods taste really different in different recipes.

Michelle – What’s the best thing about looking after your body from a young age?

Alex – I can try and do so much more fun stuff because I’m healthy.

Michelle – Are there any other cookbooks you love that are as good as ‘the bikini cookbook’?

Alex – “Nah there’s no one really. I like Jamie Oliver but not close to how much I like Michelle’s books”

Michelle – Great answer ALEX! (No I didn’t pay him to say that!)


WHAT DOES ALEX’S MUM SAY…. “as a mum his answers are very reassuring”

charlotte cooking

Charlotte (aged 11) and brother Alex (aged 9) cooking up a ‘bikini cookbook’ storm! Look at all those vegies!