Try This Recipe… and 3 Reasons Why You Need This Cookbook Right Now!

So, unless you have been sleeping under a rock you would know that BLISS-FULL BOWLS cookbook arrived just in the nick of time before Christmas. Yes, literally days before the big day it landed on my door stop! Not exactly the best timing but that’s life I guess!

So in the meantime hundreds of who I now call ‘bliss-chicks’ have received their brand spanking new cookbooks and are cooking up a storm! It has been great to see which recipes are getting cooked first. At the same time my fb page Bliss-Full bowls has come to life and is now getting great reviews as well as it’s fair share of home cooking photos that are getting sent in. I couldn’t be happier to see the great welcome it has had.

So, if you haven’t bought a copy yet then let me give you 3 reasons why you should jump online urgently and get one!

  1. It is a summer cookbook! Don’t wait until the sunshine and warm days have gone before you order it as you won’t appreciate it the same way. It was made to be used right now… so jump on board and make the most of summer cooking!
  2. It is a book that is full of delicious healthy meals that are jam packed with flavour. Best of all it will help you get a huge portion of your daily vege in and that is important because we all want to stay healthy right! Also increasing your vege intake helps you to lose weight as it fills you up with the right foods and it keeps you satisfied so you won’t feel the need to keep snacking all day.
  3. It helps you save $$$. This book is designed so you can switch in ingredients that you do have with ingredients you don’t have. Not only will you save money but you won’t be running to the shop every second for missing ingredients and you will be reducing food waste.

So, now that you have some awesome inspiring reasons to buy this gorgeous cookbook I will let you know where to get it from.


You can either hop over to and I will send you out a copy or otherwise if you are lucky enough to live near one of our stockists listed below then you can drop in and grab a copy. Not only will you be saving on postage but you will be supporting your local small business who are supporting my small business! Wins for everyone!

Currently we only really have stockists in my hometown but I do hope that soon we get some more all around the place.

If you know someone who would be a suitable stockist, including your own business, then make sure you get hold of me and let me know as we would love that so much! Alternatively go into your favourite book store, health food store or gift store and ask them to contact me to stock the books. That way seems to work even better!

We have one stockist in NSW and you can find them at EnerQi, 8 Bridge Street, Tumbarumba, NSW, 2653

So, in the meantime if you like to try before you buy… give a couple of my recipes a go and see what you think. And when you see how great this book is then you will know you want to get a copy of your own in your hot little hands and get blissed out on Bliss-Full Bowls!