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Tuna Sweet Corn Mornay : One of my all time faves and less than 300 calories!

  Tuna Sweet Corn Mornay GLUTEN FREE   Prep time - 20 min.  Cooking time - 20 min. Calories - 290 per serve, serves 4   Ingredients 160g gluten free spiral pasta, 100g red onion finely chopped, 100g corn kernels, 150g tuna (drained weight), 100ml full fat milk (if you use low fat milk then [...]
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Indulge guilt free with my brand new bikini cookbook creamy pasta!

Do you feel like a deliciously decadent creamy pasta but have to stop yourself because you are worried about gaining weight just thinking about it? Well worry no longer because I have a beautiful recipe I just made this evening in Lake Como, Italy that is only 375 calories per serve. Don't assume that rich Italian [...]
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Flavours of Cyprus

My travels are about food. Yes there are a lot of other things that interest me when it comes to travelling but food is always my top priority. Of course I love the experience of eating but I also love learning about ingredients, flavours and recipes. I am always interested in finding and sampling the [...]
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