Smoked Salmon and Goats Cheese Super Salad

Smoked Salmon & Goats Cheese Super Salad


Calories per serve- 258

Serves – 1



2 cups salad greens

50g cherry tomatoes, sliced

30g baby radish, sliced

15g red onion, chopped

30g fat-free sundried tomatoes, chopped

20g soft goats cheese, crumbled

90g smoked salmon, torn

10ml lemon juice

1 tsp whole egg mayo

salt & pepper

40g dill pickle, cubed

2 tsp parsley, garnish

lemon quarter, garnish



LAYER bowl with salad greens.

ADORN bowl with tomatoes, radish, onion & sundried tomatoes.

PLACE smoked salmon & goats cheese around bowl.

MIX lemon juice in a bowl of mayo, sprinkle with salt & pepper then stir in pickle.

DRESS salad with mayo mix.

GARNISH with parsley and lemon quarter.