the bikini cookbook vegetarian collection E-BOOK


‘the bikini cookbook vegetarian collection’, ebook only

By popular demand ‘the bikini cookbook vegetarian collection’ has been compiled for all the vegetarians out there who are wanting their favourite bikini recipes all in one place.

This cookbook comes ONLY as an¬†EBOOK and is a collection of 50 gluten free vegetarian recipes (meat and seafood free) that have been taken from all 8 books of ‘the bikini cookbooks’ series. Please note these are not new recipes.

All the recipes are made from fresh ingredients that are easy to find in your supermarket and quick and easy to prepare. They are designed to taste delicious whilst keeping under 300 calories per serve. The recipes are highly nutritious and filling meals that the whole family will enjoy with the bonus of no added sugar.

This book downloads on purchase to your favourite device.

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