bikini comfort food E-BOOK


‘bikini comfort food’ E-BOOK

If you are looking for a bit of love and comfort from your food but would like to keep your calories down, then this is the e-book for you. My new ‘bikini comfort food’ cookbook is full of the most delicious family friendly meals that are easy to make. Everyday food made with love that feeds your body and soul.

‘bikini comfort food’ contains 34 grain free options (with the option to omit cornflour for extra grain free options), 29 vegetarian recipes, 6 seafood recipes and 16 chicken or meat recipes. All 50 recipes are beautifully presented with a full colour photograph on each page.

All the recipes are made from fresh ingredients that are easy to find in your supermarket and quick and easy to prepare. They are designed to taste delicious whilst keeping under 300 calories per serve. The recipes are highly nutritious and filling meals that the whole family will enjoy with the bonus of no added sugar.


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