In 2013 I set myself a goal instead of a resolution. As a result I’ve lost 27.8kgs in that time. This is a pic of me at my heaviest of 93kgs in 2010 and now 60kgs. Don’t make a resolution. Set a goal, shoot and score! Over 22kgs was lost with the bikini cookbooks. Best decision I ever made. Julie.


When I first started this journey I had no I idea how easy it would be. I tried to lose weight so many times before and nothing worked, I will always be grateful for the day I met Michelle and bought my first book. I was 92.3kgs the heaviest I had ever been! I loved how easy and tasty all the dishes are so I then bought the complete set. In 12 months I lost a total of 22.3kgs, in that time I was laid up for four of them with a broken ankle but I still managed to lose 7kgs with very little exercise. I am now 70kgs and on my way to my goal weight of 62kgs. These recipes have become a lifestyle myself and my family enjoy everyday. Forever grateful Michelle, thank you xx


In February 2012 weighing 92.8kg, I hadn’t realised just how big I’d gotten, the last straw was seeing this picture. It made me miserable. There and then I decided this was going to change and I steadily changed my eating habits, I ordered the bikini cookbook and I have not looked back. Following the recipes kept me on track to reach my goal of 70kg within 4 months. The Bikini Cookbooks have been my saving grace, not only do I love the recipes but my family do too. My husband has lost 10kg just by eating the recipes for dinner and left overs for lunch and he isn’t even trying, not to mention he is a very fussy eater. Eating healthy has never been tastier or more varied. Thanks for helping me to feel fantastic about myself. xxx


My highest weight was 73kg and after 5 months of my bikini cookbook recipes I dropped 18kg and got down to my goal weight of 55kg. I have never been more fit and healthy in my life! Now after 4 years of my bikini cookbook lifestyle I have been able to maintain a healthy weight. This is the best thing I could have ever done for myself, I never want to go back to how I was.

 Me (Michelle Floate)


The Bikini Cookbook series introduced me to simple and healthy meals… I have all Michelle’s books and regularly refer to them; impressed by the colourful photos and appetising recipes.  Another plus is that Michelle is always contactable and this creates a feeling of ‘being’.  I feel as if I am a member of the BCB family.  I honestly recommend her books to put you ‘on the right track’ food wise. Sincere thanks Michelle.