Have a cacao fudgie Easter

Easter doesn’t have to be unhealthy to be sweet and fun. Our favourite cacao fudgie recipe from ‘the bikini snack book’ is perfect for moulding into cute shapes for this holiday.

Just 4 simple ingredients is all you need to make these delicious treats. Experiment with flavours by adding chopped nuts, shaved coconut, dried fruit or even fresh blueberries. This is a gluten and dairy free recipe which is sweetened by fructose-free rice malt syrup.

Rice malt syrup is my liquid sweetener of choice and I choose it because it is fructose free. Fructose has to be metabolized by the liver therefore it puts a heavy burden on this organ, whereas the sugars in rice malt syrup can be used by our body’s cells for energy. One of the reasons why regular sugar is so bad for you is because it is partly made up of fructose. Making small changes to your diet and cooking style will slowly add up to lots of good habits and better health.