I’ve been eating good all week, why isn’t my body perfect already?!

Do you get frustrated when you start a health kick? You are into the first week and it feels like you have been doing it forever… (but really it has been something like 5 days).

You feel like you should have lost at least a couple of kilos by now and you wonder why it isn’t all just an easy down hill ride now that you are trying really hard to be healthy!

Well look at this persons weight loss chart and you will see that this journey is just like a roller coaster ride. There are as many ups as there are downs, the only good part is that it is going in a general downward direction. So next time you feel like you are giving it a good shot but you don’t feel like you are getting anywhere, just hang in there and keep doing all the good work. Your patience and persistence will pay off eventually. In the meantime you are improving your health and well being and that is awesome!

(Image of weight loss chart donated by Matthew.)

Below is a photographic timeline of my personal weight loss starting from 73kg in October 2010 and ending at 55kg at the end of February 2011. I got to my weight loss goal after 5 months of solid healthy, low calorie eating with ‘the bikini cookbook’. I have been a healthy body weight for almost 4 years now. Yes I still make bikini cookbook meals all the time, I wouldn’t change a thing.